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Pallaksen Pöllöt, or the Owls of Pallas, is a ski school operating with heart and expertise in Pallas, one of the most magnificent fell areas in Finland. The team of “Owls” consists of around 20 ski instructors, whose operating area covers everything from open fells to snow-covered forests and autumn-coloured wetlands.

The Owls of Pallas know the region like the back of their hands. They put that knowledge to use by organising freeride tours with various equipment in the best snow areas, heading out on cross-country tours outside the marked tracks – always with consideration for the weather – and taking Pallas visitors to admire nature in all its autumn glory. In the evenings, they host pancake nights and organise moonlight ski tours according to the customers’ wishes.

 The instructors are not the only persons belonging under the wings of Owls; many persons who have found a unique lifestyle in Pallas are also considered Owls.

of the year

Pallaksen Pöllöt ski school has won Ski School of the Year 2019 award. 

"The Owls of Pallas have brought the traditional ski school culture to the present day in a unique manner. The ski school has utilized downhill sports trends and developed new products for both freeriding and traditional skiing in the fells.

The ski instructors are strongly present in Pallas, and, in fact, it is they who create the exceptional fell atmosphere. There is heart in everything that the Owls of Pallas do"


skiing in

the fells


Here in Pallas, we measure skiing in experiences rather than in kilometres. Our mission is to take our guests outside the marked trails, to places they would not otherwise visit. If the weather permits, we will most likely choose a destination in the open fells, whereas if it snows, we usually head to the beautiful old-growth forests under the fells.

We believe that there is no weather too poor for skiing in Pallas. The Lappish nature, be it under a bright sun or falling snow, is guaranteed to surprise the visitors. Our tours do not require steel-edge skis, but normal cross-country skis are sufficient. However, if you have ski poles with a large basket, bring them along.

 The ski tours are free for the customers of Lapland Hotels Pallas. Our tours are also available for persons not staying at the hotel for the price of 10 € / tour.





What makes the ski weeks of the Owls of Pallas unique is the fact that the Owls do not ski around the fells for weeks on end; instead, every Saturday they hand over the responsibility to the next devoted and professional Owl. This way, each week gets a personalised touch in terms of activities, tour destinations and sense of humour.


We consider this to be one of the most important aspects of the Owl life.







Pallaksen Pöllöt kiertävät kevätsesongilla tuntureita päivittäin ja jakavat tietoaan muun muassa hotellin ja Metsähallituksen kanssa. Pöllöt tuottavat myös Pyhäkurun alueeseen pohjautuvaa lumivyörytietoutta. Uutuutena myös kaikki tunturissa kulkevat voivat jakaa lumitietouttaan yhteisellä alustalla alkuvuodesta 2023. 

Lumisovelluksemme tarjoaa tietoa siitä millaista lunta alueella oppaat ovat havainneet.  Huomioithan, että olosuhteet tunturissa vaihtuvat jatkuvasti ja raportti pohjaa tietonsa hetkeen, jolloin se on tuotettu.


freeride &

experiences on 

the slopes


The Owls of Pallas take skiers to the best snow areas and show customers the best ski lines, always with consideration for snow safety. In early spring, the Owls offer personalised 3–6-hour freeride tours to the nearby fell areas.

At the Ski Resort Pallas, the Owls operate also as traditional ski instructors, bringing their expertise in alpine skiing, telemark skiing and snowboarding to the Pallas slopes.

All tours can be booked through our online service!




skiing lesson

A ski school lesson on the slopes on alpine skiing, snowboarding or telemark skiing. Book your lessons at the reception of Lapland Hotels Pallas during the season or directly online via the link below.

45 € / hour

40 € / hour for hotel guests



freeride 3 hrs

Freeride in the nearby area according to the skill level of the skiers. If the snow situation permits, we will head to the nearby treeless fell tops. Participants must have their own equipment. Includes a snow safety presentation to ensure safe skiing in the Pallas area.

150 € / group 1 - 6 persons



freeride 6 hrs

It is as if the Pallas landscape was made for one-day freeride tours. Join our guide and learn more about skiing, nature and safety in the area. Participants must bring their own equipment.

300 € / group 1 - 6 persons




autumn colors with owls



pallas calls visitors in the autumn

In Pallas, you do not always have to put on ski boots; instead, you may want to consider hiking shoes to admire the magnificent autumn colours. Our Owl guides will lead you to the fells along reindeer paths and through forests. The tours vary from few-hour trips around the nearby region to hikes of several hours. Our tours are always planned to suit the participating enthusiastic hikers! See our autumn programme and book accommodation!

book fell guide for your group


Now you can book a backcountry guide also for the autumn. Just like in the wintertime, you can choose from our selection of half-day and full-day tours. Excursions customised specifically for your group will guarantee you an unforgettable fell experience!



Keväällä 2023 Pallaksella järjestetään yhteensä neljä LT1 (lumiturvallisuus1) -kurssia. Kurssilla opetellaan perustaitoja ja -tietoja turvalliseen vapaalaskuun luonnonvaraisilla rinteillä. Kurssin jälkeen osallistuja kykenee tunnistamaan lumivyörymaastoja, hänellä on selkeä ymmärrys päätöksentekon merkityksestä liikuttaessa tuntureilla tai vuorilla ja hänellä on perusteet pelastustilanteessa toimimiseen. Kyseiset FINLAV-kurssit ovat kestoltaan kolmipäiväisiä ja ne tapahtuvat Pallaksen hiihtokeskuksen alueella. 

385 € / hlö

24.2. - 26.2.2023

17. - 19.3.2023

31.3 - 2.4.2023

21.4. - 23.4.2023







living in the fells

Communality means warmth and sensitivity in the future. The Owls live in the moment and provide visitors with warm and unforgettable moments, both within the hotel walls and especially outside them. Our aim is to greet the arriving guests with a hug and wave them off as their taillights disappear from sight. If we are not always at the door, let this serve as a description of how we feel about all Pallas visitors.


Some events for spring 2020


Earh Hour 28.3.2020

Entire Pallas fell area switches off its lights in solidarity for our planet. There will be candles all around the yard, Owls will arrange a guided trip to dark nature to see if tNorhern Lights appear or not. Inside the hotel we will serve a special Earth Hour menu and a band plays acoustic music.




In Vappu, the best Finnish chefs will gather to Pallas and celebrate season ending with us. First they prepare a social dinner for all hotel guests. Loads of food and wine and hundreds of guests. On the second day, chefs will organize a picnic party in the fells. There you can find only snow, happy people and hopefully loads of sun!






contact us

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  • Leave a message or call to +358 40 5425544

  • Contact Lapland Hotels Pallas reception by calling +358 16 323 3500

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